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Robert Glen Coe

April 15, 1956 - April 19, 2000


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In the case of Robert Glen Coe, convicted, sentenced and executed for the kidnap, rape and murder of eight-year-old Cary Ann Medlin, research establishes through "public documents" that the State of Tennessee wrongfully killed this man, who had  a long history of mental illness.

There is a lack of physical evidence, or rather NO physical evidence to implicate Robert Glen Coe in this crime. Not—really—even circumstantial evidence points toward Robert Coe as suspect. There "was" physical evidence, indeed, all establishing Donald Gant as the kidnaper; all pointing to Donald Gant as the rapist; all implicating Donald Gant as the murderer. Donald Gant was identified by "three eyewitnesses" as the kidnaper. The "three eye witnesses" identified the car driven by Donald Gant as the vehicle used in the abduction. Tire tracks at the "muddy" murder scene were consistent with the tires on the car driven by Donald Gant. A hair found on the victim’s body was never—ever tested with a sample of Donald Gant’s hair, but this hair "did not" match a sample taken from Robert Coe. Bloody clothing and bloody bedding confiscated from Donald Gant was comparable to the fatal—type wound in this case; however, this bloody evidence, after arriving at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (T.B.I.) crime lab was lost, misplaced or destroyed before being tested. A DNA specimen allegedly removed from the "inside" of the victim’s body was inconclusive with a sample taken from Robert Coe, but the specimen was never tested with a sample from Donald Gant’s DNA. When questioned about the abduction, by the police, Donald Gant "kept changing his stories of what he did the night of September 1." Court documents establish the substantiality that "the court accepted that Donald Gant was a suspect in Cary Ann Medlin’s murder, that he was interrogated by police, that his clothing and bedding were seized, that this evidence was sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and that it was subsequently lost."

And then, the fact that Donald Gant has a history of complaints

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 concerning "inappropriate advances to young girls" and "sexual abuse of children." Law enforcement and prosecutors disallowed "all" this evidence through "tunnel vision" after a coerced—false confession was given by a man diagnosed with a lifetime—prognoses, as well as, being previously treated (although not under the care of "professional help," at the time of his confession, as was prescribed in October, 1977) for his mental illness.

Tainted justice prevailed in this case. Preached "Victim Rights" from organizations; State of Tennessee Representatives; the U.S. Congress (specifically the House of Representative Committee on the Judiciary); and the primary sermonizer— Charlotte Stout—mother of Cary Ann, all pushed to execute Robert. Governor Don Sundquist, by way of re-election promises, campaigned to have Robert executed. Letters to the editor; guest commentaries; editorials and Internet discussion forums—all urged for the execution of Robert.

Through poisoned public opinion, the ONLY factor in convicting Robert in this case, is his confession. A confession in fact given by a man reasonably diagnosed with Mental Illness; a man who was physically, mentally and sexually abused as a child; a man who suffered severe brain trauma in his youth; a man who had previously spent three years in a state (Florida) mental hospital. A false confession, coerced (at whatever scale) from man who "had an IQ that qualified him as ‘borderline mentally retarded.’" A false confession filled with "everything…already known to the authorities." A false confession given, but to only—as Robert put it, "make [him] famous."

The research at hand, which is still ongoing, will provide a database of "public documents" detailing how "mentally ill," Robert Glen Coe was wrongfully arrested, convicted, sentenced, and ultimately executed.


Database documents: 03coe022281, 03coe022481, 03coe022581, 13coe010400, 13coe012500, 13coe011300




Ongoing research establishes through "Public Documents" that Robert Glen Coe was wrongfully convicted, sentenced and executed on April 19, 2000 for the September 1, 1979 kidnap, rape and murder of eight- year-old Cary Ann Medlin.



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